Bra Making Supplies, Custom Underwear and Swimwear.

What is custom underwear?

  • This is underwear made to your measurements and fabric of choice.
  • Unlike ready-to-wear underwear, you get to have it hand made to fit you and you can add your personal style to the design.
  •  This online store offers custom made bras, panties and swimwear ranging from small sizes to plus size including bras for large breasts.

Why custom underwear?

  • Helps improve your posture and appearance.
  • Helps alleviate back aches, shoulder pain, neck pain and other discomfort that may arise from long-term wearing of ill fitting bras or medical procedures.
  • Good fitting underwear that complements your body improves general mood and confidence.
  • Eliminates the struggle of finding your size especially plus size bras and underwear.
  • Allows you to express your fashion sense and style because you have control over the appearance of the final product.

How to Order

  • Shop now‘ to browse through our products and find a style that appeals to you.
  • Contact us through email or WhatsApp to begin your sizing consultation.
  • The consultation will include taking of measurements and discussing your preferences at no extra charge to the final product.
  • when the consultation is concluded, you can proceed to order your product with the correct sizing measurements.
Note that this stage is important to achieve a comfortable fit.

What to Expect

  • Products may take 3 to 14 days in the processing stage depending on the complexity of the item requested.
  • Reasonably frequent communication so as to give you the best service possible and product(s) that will meet your expectations.
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