Belgravia Bralette

An illustration of the alterations on the pattern used to create the bralette.

The first time I saw this pattern, I was intrigued and wanted to have it. It’s supposed to be made with none stretch lace but I have made a puffy version of it in stretch fabric and tulle. This time around I decided to make it the way it was intended. I’m using the view C all lace pattern.


Full Bust: 44 inches (111.8 cm)

Under Bust: 32 inches (81.28 cm)

Individual size is determined by subtracting the under bust from the full bust and the difference is the cup size. My full bust and under bust usually fall outside most bralette patterns and I was lowkey prepared to make alterations to make it fit. The last cup size on the pattern is a FF which is a difference of 8 inches and my difference is 12 inches, I then need to find a way to add 4 inches into the cup pieces. In addition to to the 4 inches I needed to add at least 1 inch to the top of the cup pieces for some height.

I added one 1.5 inches to the side cup and 2.5 inches to the center cup. I did this by splitting the cups in the middle and added the extra inches there for an even distribution (as shown below) otherwise the cups wouldn’t sit evenly over the bust.

Once you get the hang of altering the pattern to fit you, cutting and sewing is pretty easy because the pattern only has 3 pattern pieces that when cut make 5 pieces. I used beige lining to maintain the peekaboo effect, I used lining even though the pattern doesn’t require it because I don’t like fabric seams rubbing against my skin.

Overall, if you’re able to alter it to fit, it’s very comfortable and sturdy.

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